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Connie Witkowski

Connie Witkowski

VP of Employee Benefits

Connie Witkowski is vice president of the employee benefits division and has been with Corrigan Financial Services since 1997.  Connie is the “go to” person with her attention to detail and outstanding service to employees and HR mangers of the many corporate clients at Corrigan Financial.

Connie manages the renewal marketing process by surveying the ever-changing group health insurance environment having her hand on the pulse of compliance and regulatory changes that impact every business owners benefit package.

Connie prides herself on being able to timely respond to client’s challenges and inquires on claims, billing, enrollment and general services matters that might have an impact of effectiveness of a business’s insurance plans.  From the simple question to the complex situation, Connie has been there with a helping hand.

Corrigan Financial Services, Inc. BBB Business Review