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Employee Benefit Division

Corrigan Financial Services, Inc. has assembled a solid team of professionals and has aligned themselves with quality strategic partners that together provide real solutions to the health care challenges businesses face today. Healthcare reform has increased the complexity and the impact it will have to businesses and their employees.

We feel the health of your organization depends in large part on your employee's benefit program. We also believe we offer one of the greatest benefits in the industry – our people and affiliated strategic partners. People who can help you take a proactive approach to employee benefits and employee well being. People who will link you with the latest technology and cost management tactics. Real people with real solutions to today's health care issues.

Flexible & Responsive

Our organization is built around flexibility. We feel it is more important to our clients than ever. Responsive and flexible is what our clients need and demand. We deliver that and more. We take time to get to know our clients, their people and their goals so that we can custom design a benefit strategy to meet their unique needs.

We provide our clients access to cost saving alternatives like managed care options, innovative risk management strategies and on-going consulting, as well as wellness programs and cafeteria plans. Our goal is to make sure their benefit plan benefits the organization and the employees.

Employee Benefit Programs

A full range of employee benefit programs are available customized to fit your corporate structure with your goals and objectives in mind.

  • Group Health Insurance Programs
  • Fully Insured Plan
  • Self Insured Plans
  • PPO & HMO
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Health Reimbursement Accounts
  • Flexible Spending Programs
  • Section 125 Cafeteria Plans
  • COBRA Administration
  • Worksite Health Screenings
  • Proactive Wellness Programs
  • Confidential Health Risk Assessments
  • Dental & Vision Insurance Plans
  • Pre-paid Legal & Identity Theft Programs
  • Long & Short Term Disability
  • Basic Group Life & Voluntary Life Programs
  • 401-k & Profit Sharing Plans
  • Key Man Life & Disability Insurance Programs
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Buy Sell Funding
  • Estate & Tax Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Executive Deferred Compensation
  • Tax Deductible Long Term Care Programs
  • Split Dollar Life Insurance Plans
  • Travel Accidental Death & Dismember Plans

Value Added Services - No Cost!

  • 30+ Years of Experience in the Insurance and Financial Services Business
  • COBRA Compliance – we can handle all COBRA notification and collection of premium payments keeping your plans in compliance with all federal and state regulations.
  • Claims Trouble Shooting for all your employees and their dependents. We get involved with the insurance carriers and providers on any claims issue that may arise. Our goal is assist when needed so you and or your employees don't have to waste valuable time being on hold while trying to navigate the often confusing maze of insurance.
  • Enrollment Processing – our offices handles each of your new hires (and terminations) coordinating with all your insurance providers double checking that all required information is captured accurately and timely. We provide a Temporary ID card to your new hires within 24 hours of the enrollment.
  • Prior Creditable Coverage coordination – we actively coordinate with your employees in obtaining the proper documents from their previous carriers so that claims are not delayed in processing.
  • Billing Reconciliation – we assist in reconciling your insurance premium bills with each carrier making sure your all credits and debits accurately reflect your enrollment and payment history.
  • Renewal Rate Negotiation – as an independent advocate for our clients we represent your best interest and have the ability to have open discussions with the insurance carriers underwriting departments in trying to obtain the best renewal action possible.
  • Ongoing consulting and analysis – we regularly meet and communicate with our clients assessing data and trends that could possibly impact the effectiveness of their plan. Alternate funding, cost containment, trend considerations and wellness initiatives are a few examples of areas that are frequently assessed.

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